21-24 April 2023Nederland, CO

Ever-Evolving Intentions

  • To have a blast in the playground of each other’s company, celebrating the miracle of life in all its emergent expressions! 🤗
  • To fall ever more fully and wholly in love with each other, creating a family of millennials with MetAware capacities who we can feel deeply connected to and inspired by 💞
  • To grow into our developmental edges individually and collectively in a container of trust, intimacy, connection, and safety (or safely risky) 🙏
  • To bring our gifts to this co-created collective and be witnessed by those who can uniquely attune to our developmental capacities 👁️
  • To live into the question: “What can we do in the world together?" 🌎

    ✨The Details✨

    Dates: April 21-23, 2023 

    Schedule: This schedule is intended to provide some basic structure and is by no means what we need to stick to. 

    Venue: This Airbnb located at 260 Switzerland Trail, Nederland, CO 80466

    Ticket Price: $300 for those staying at the Airbnb. $100 for Boulder locals. Financial support is available upon request.

    Food: We intend to cook meals together as a group. We have a total of $800 budgeted for food that’s included in the ticket price. Any additional food will be purchased at each person’s own expense.

    Payments: Full payments are due by March 1st to Tucker Walsh via Venmo or PayPal.

    Asks & Offers: This document is a place to orient to our individual and collective desires as well as how this gathering can bring them to life. Please write what your Asks (desires, hopes, dreams) are for this gathering, and what Offers (leadership, abilities, facilitation, contributions) you’re able to bring.

    Questions, Concerns, Ideas, Comments: Please contact Tucker or Ellie via Signal.

    Ever-Evolving Agreements

    1. We agree to practice radical self-responsibility while maintaining care for our fellow collaborators. We are all responsible for co-creating and contributing to the experiences we want to have! 🙋‍♀️

    2. We strive to be aware of and take ownership of our emotions, projections, stories and reactions, and to offer our reflections with loving compassion 🫶

    3. We agree to maintain a substance-free gathering in order to prioritize the intimacy, safety and connection that comes through the high of life 🥳

    4. While we invite consensual physical touch, we ask that it is not overtly sexual in nature 💋

      Organized by

      Tucker Walshtuckerlighthouse@gmail.com

      ♾️ Tucker Walsh is a community weaver and co-founder of Constructing Consciousness.

      ✨ He is currently co-creating and facilitating in-person and online gatherings as well as consulting for transformational communities around the globe.

      👁️ His projects and visions for our beautiful world can be explored here.

      📷 In his former career, Tucker was an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker.

      🪞What brings him joy is helping people see the love that they already are.

      ⛰️ Tucker is based in Boulder, Colorado.

      Ellie Wilkinswilkinsasu@gmail.com

      Ellie Wilkins has a wealth of experience and exposure in the somatic world of healing trauma. 

      She is a counselor with emphases of somatic wisdom, neuroscience, and developmental maps. 

      Ellie is also an AcuDetox Specialist with trauma recovery center, Boulder Strong Resource Center. 

      Her focus is delivering this nourishment through compassion, grounding, and always returning to the breath.